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"I never imagined myself being a designer or creator, knitting was a simple hobby for me, a tool that allowed me to create something beautiful for myself and those around me. But soon, knitting and jewelry making became my main activities.

The main reason why I started knitting was that I couldn’t find anything that I would like to wear. Then I started experimenting with what I had. Later on, these experiments were presented in my first collection in Ukraine in 2011.

I came to Lithuania in 2013 and started making individual orders. When I create a garment, I don’t do sketches or make patterns. Each piece first comes out as an idea that is then made into a real garment, so you won’t find the same two pieces of clothing. I love individuality, and I seek to create something special for every client. I pay careful attention to the materials from which I make my garments. I always use natural materials and often restore old garments. This way, I can be sure that I created something more sustainable.

I hope that here you will find a unique garment that will fit you size and style-wise."

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